Regional Zoom Meetups for Admitted Students

    These Zoom meetups are a chance for you to get to know fellow Stanford admits in your region! Each virtual regional meetup will be hosted by the admission officer(s) for that area. To identify your admission officer, use this list to find the region where you currently attend, or most recently attended, secondary school. Admission officers are eager to get to know you, facilitate introductions, and answer any questions you may have. Your conduct should be governed by the Fundamental Standard.

    If you have visual or auditory impairments, we encourage you to participate in these meetups by using the combination of video, audio and the text-based Chat function in Zoom that works best for you. If you have further questions about participating, please email your admission officer.

    You should join as many meetups as you feel are relevant to you, based on where you attend school, your hometown, or any other place you call home. We are excited to welcome you and show you that you were admitted for a reason. There’s a place for you at Stanford!

    Meetups are listed in chronological order, and all times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). We encourage you to scroll down to view the entire list, as the area(s) you're looking for could be listed as a city, county, state, or part of the world. Use your Stanford applicant portal login credentials to register.

    There are no upcoming events to display.